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2023-07-10 Author:Minghao

Wire Drawing Dies

Wire drawing dies used for wire drawing machine.
Wire drawing dies usually refers to various dies for drawing metal wires, as well as drawing dies for drawing optical fibers. There is a hole of a certain shape in the middle of all wire drawing dies, round, square, octagonal or other special shapes. The metal shrinks in size and even changes shape as it is pulled through the die hole. When pulling soft metals (such as gold and silver), steel molds are sufficient, and there can be multiple holes with different apertures on the steel mold.

Wire Drawing Dies-Cold Heading Mold,Tungsten Carbide Mold,Cold Extrusion Mold,Carbide Dies, fasteners Manufacturer | Minghao in China

Due to the technical particularity of this type of product, it is necessary to provide parameter specifications or product drawings before purchasing.

● Precision machine tool processing to ensure the precision of each dimension of each product.
● Long service life, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.
● Wear-resistant, high hardness.
● Various models are complete, customized according to drawings.

Material: Tungsten Carbide……
Surface Finishing:
CVD Types: TiN, TiC, SCT Series
Surface Treatment: Polish
Certification: ISO 9001:2015
Design software: Auto CAD Solid Works

Application fields of Minghao precision molds: High strength automotive fasteners, auto parts, engineering forging parts, rail transit rivets, aerospace rivets, tensile mold products, and all kinds of standard cold heading molds.
Processing methods: Cold heading, warm heading, hot forging, cold extrusion, stretching.
Suitable for equipment brands, such as: Taiwan ChunZu, US National, Belgium Nedschroef, Kroea HYODONG, Italy Sacma, Hatebur and other cold header models.

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