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Taicang Ming Hao Precision Mold

The leader of China's precision mold industry

Taicang Ming Hao precision mold factory was established in March 2005, is located in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, Lu Du.

As a Chinese manufacturer of precision mold development, Taicang Hao Ming has been committed to promoting the development of China's mold industry of precision tungsten steel, cold heading domestic precision cold extrusion, hot forging technology, Die, Die leader in the field of automotive fasteners and leading manufacturers.

Taicang Ming Hao insist on quality first, the purpose of "quality, innovation, service" concept, is one of our most valuable assets. As an industry leader, Taicang Ming Hao has experienced technical and management team as well as industry-leading precision equipment, with its superior product quality and excellent service to win the trust of customers and praise. Companies can independently design and manufacture and sale of various types of cemented carbide (WC) mold.

Taicang Ming Hao team always put customer satisfaction first. We deliver innovative products and highly integrated solutions that enable customers to get the best return on investment. We seek through technology and manufacturing solid growth, increased productivity and innovation, and strive to build technology-based, innovation-oriented enterprises, in order to continue moving forward.

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Why Choose Minghao

Value & Advantage

Strong Processing Capacity

We are a large domestic carbide (WC)cold heading, hot forging, hot forging mold manufacturers,the existing processing equipmentmore than 100 sets, and continue to introduce the advanced machines.powerful processing capacity for the realization of the processing requirements of various customers to provide a strong guarantee.

Excellent Processing Materials

Taicang Hao Ming mold material of high quality and through advanced heat treatment technology, superiorproduct performance to Die. for example,Iam using a proprietary alloy procurement channels, after the unique processing technology.itsoverall performance achievedand 2 times more than similal products. Life improvedgreatly reduce the cost ofcustomers.


Despite difficulties! TaicangHao Ming dare to challengethe unknown in the industryand outside the industrymold products and theestablishment of a pilotresearch program to speedparts cold heading machinedies, for example. for aunique selection of carbideand keep grinding testprocessing technology, tocreate an alternativeimported mold precedent

Global layout

My company has fourservice intervals,hasformed a large marketingnetwork in the industry thatcan provide quick servicefor you face to face.

Unique Processing Technology

The use of advanced processing technology and unique heat treatment process, together with the excellent processing equipment and strong technical force, so that product performance and service life have reachedworld-class level. In my company screw die significantly improves theshear strength, to furtherimprove the service life.

Rich Category Complete Specifications

Products include standardcold forging dies, hot forginghot forging dies, molds automotive fasteners,powdermetallurgy molds, cold heading machine parts imported high-speed mold,all kinds of drawing dies andother precision tooling and other uses.Reached morethan 1300 kinds of productsto provide you with one-stopshopping, greatly reducing thecost of your purchase.

Good Reputation

After nearly a decade ofefforts, our company in thecountry not only achievedgood sales performanceand establish a goodbrand reputation.

ComprehensiveTechnical Support

Our main sales areas areequipped with specializedtechnical support staff canhelp you solve a variety oftechnical issues.

Best Services

Service Philosophy

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the only standard to check our work.

We carefully service

We carefully service, embodied in the three word "sincerity, high quality, convenient".

Industry competition

Industry competition on product, product competition on quality.

adapt to the market

To adapt to the market, meet the market, create the market.

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Inner Driving Force

Company Culture

Brand Promise

Designed for you, easy to use, innovative and advanced.

Corporate Values

Endless climbing, value first, benefit sharing.

Enterprise Quality Concept

Create a first-class brand and serve customers sincerely.

Social Responsibility

Create opportunities for employees and create value for customers.